Heavier Than Air. An Exhibition at the National Gallery in Prague, part of the International Triennale of Contemporary Art, 2088. With works by Meris Angioletti, Luca Gemma, Christina Kubisch, Angelo Petronella and Studio Brutus.

mapping the space

Christina Kubisch sets up the amps (6 amps, 2 channels each) and the cd players for her installation. The 12 channels of sound are crossing the space of the room through the electric cables. The preparation drawing represents the general organization of the different sounds through the space. 

Meris Angioletti installing

The curator at work...

in his 'office' ...

documenting the exhibition...

with Meris Angioletti

"what he's talking about?" (with Luca Gemma)

"this is an electricity plug"!

"A partire dal sospiro" : building and installing Angelo Petronella's work

Angelo Petronella installs the footboard and connects the electronic circuits.

Building the walls with the supports for the speakers: Petronella made each of the 32 speakers with a pre-recorded sound which is activated through the interactive light sensors, when a person walk on the footboard.

The space for Angelo Petronella's work and the display project by architect Mathias Geoffroy

The installation required a darkened and insonorized space. Architect Mathias Geoffroy designed a structure for the installation in order to avoid the 'box in a box' situation: two parallel walls, painted in black, on which the speakers are hanged, their sensors protected against direct light. The space between the two walls is open on both sides and can be accessed by the audience, in order to discover Petronella's interactive composition. Sounds are activated when walking and moving on the footboard  placed on the floor.